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Café de Flore, Paris

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  1. sinja1010:05
  2. teaqueen11:31
  3. Jademccall13:17
  4. kimstorry13:25
  5. blondie5413:35
  6. sheenamaj13:54
  7. martian14:00
  8. DFW14:38
  9. szsand15:00
  10. Jules202315:21


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Perfect ! 👍👍

E, I'll continue to post the three sizes I've always been posting unless something changes.


This cute little puzzle has a lot of waiters. Must be some other tables at the sides. As to the resizing. I like this size, but whatever is easier for you will work for me. Since you put in the work, you can choose the size you want to post.


Good to know. Thanks!

T, Thanks, honey. Just remember that the smaller puzzles are Already Made so it's no trouble when you ask for me to post them. I just essentially have more puzzles/sizes made than I can post at one time. xoxo


No, not this one. I mean the ones that are over 250 pieces. I like doing them, but I like the amount of puzzles I can finish when they are smaller. With the big ones, I can usually only do one or maybe 2 a day. I always appreciate you making smaller versions, especially the purple ones! and Beryl's. They are the most fun. And you are the best!

Thanks, rbud57... I have been wondering about it!

B54, You wish for puzzles Smaller than this number of pieces??? I always make every image in this size! Just sometimes takes me a while to post them all.


I tried it, and it's not nearly as fun as doing it with others to compare your time with. But once you do it at the other piece count, it shows as done for the original count as well.


rbud57, thank you for pointing that out. It is kind of nice so I don't have to always ask Jean Marie to make puzzles smaller, but it doesn't record your time. Maybe that doesn't matter.

RBud57, I just saw that for the first time this morning but didn't explore it yet. I produce three sizes but don't always post them in a timely manner because of the limit on how many I can post in a day, so am wondering about people reproducing instead of working the puzzles that I have already created. Nice for the person doing the solving though.

You're very welcome, SZ! Nice to hear from you. :-D JM

rbud57 - thanks for bringing that option to our attention!


This one has an option to "Change number of pieces" - I've never seen that before, is it something new I've missed hearing about? Or is it something we can set up when we post the puzzles?

Anyway, it was cute and fun, thanks!


How charming, thank you!

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