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Luc the Christmas elf

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Luc last Christmas (2018). Rip August 2019.
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Thanks, Magda!


Bardzo elegancki kubraczek.


Wow - and that was probably before all these fancy vet diagnoses! Bridget lived a long life. I remember her grey muzzle, but not the age. My grandparents lived about 900 miles away.


Our family's first doxie (Carla, the one in my avatar pic) became a waddler in her old age, but she made it to 19!


They can bark at a fly no one else sees. Still love the idea of a Doxie with hair on end. Don't want them scared, but it is something I have never seen. My grandmother's Bridget was a waddler because all us grandkids would sneak food to her. Then my grandmother decided to put her in another room when we ate dinner, so she howled. It didn't help that my grandmother was known as one of the best cooks in the county.


Ha, that JRT blood compels them to bark at other critters.

Smooth-coated doxies can definitely have their hair stand up. I actually saw Max's skin a few weeks ago when something freaked him out and his hair stood on end.


That must have been so comical - I don't think I have ever seen a Doxie with hair up. The Borzois must have been secretly amused. When my little dogs (Jack Russell/Chihuahua mutts) see the neighbor's horses, they have to bark. The horses come over with heads bigger than the dogs and touch noses beneath the fence (this has taken a few months but the owner suggested it).


We have a neighbor with three (!) Borzois. Luc freaked the first time he say them, and we pulled our dogs over across the street so as not to stress her dogs. The next time she saw us she told us not to avoid her...her dogs would be o.k. She said even if Luc bit them, they'd be o.k. Luc never bit (although he did snap sometimes), and it was so funny to see him wandering among these three HUGE dogs. They were so quiet and calm that Luc was calm, too. But the hair on his back was standing almost straight up!


Small dogs must sometimes feel they need to be the agressor to avoid being stepped on :) One of my small terrier mutts from the past circled a new neighbor's big dog (who wandered on our property) - nipping and yipping. The big dog looked so puzzled and then simply (and gently) laid down on top of her. She still yipped and you could see her punching out his stomach. The dog was only seconds on top, but the owner was so worried. Didn't stop my Itsy Bitsy from starting all over again.


Luc was even sweeter than Max! It was sad, though, that he was really afraid of big dogs, and he had a fear-aggression reaction. People thought he was mean, but he was just scared. It took him a long time to get comfortable with big dogs. A guy in our complex had a gorgeous German Shorthaired Pointer named Orion that made Luc lash out. He FINALLY got friendly with him, and his owner moved out! But he was a total cuddle bug at home.


Luc made it to 17 - wow! Another adorable doxie. His little face was so white with the wisdom of the ages.


Sorry for the late reply! Yes, we got Max in October 2019. So glad we were able to rescue him before the covid lockdown. He saved our sanity. He's another doxie -- 11 years old.


So sorry to see you lost you have another dog? I can see more names.....

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