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Aerial photo of my huge Hydrangea

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Opened my bedroom side window, stuck my arm with camera in hand out as far as I could and clicked.
This is the best I can do to take a photo of the Lace Caps on top of the plant. ☺☺
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Thank you, GG! ☺☺


Oh my, Impie! What a GORGEOUS Hydrangea! Wow! I love the variety of colors, and there are so many flowers! ☺☺


Oh, Kathie, That sounds awful. I can remember the Ice Storm of 1976 (or 1977) in Wisconsin. Everything was down....power, and sad.


Oh thanks, yes, I will, I am...I stay inside. Flooding everywhere, crops covered, soybeans & corn disappeared under flood waters, roads washed away, gone, people can't get home. Rivers rising even tonight at this hour,
11 pm, right...choking. Todd had water coming right down his back yard, a hill, from the field up behind his woods, swamped the trench he'd dug around the garage foundation just For that; water got in, never before.
A mess over here; some say it will be yearly. Your thoughts help, thank you ♥


Oh no, Kathie! I'm so sorry you have such heavy weather and 94% humidity!! You must feel like choking?
Yesterday overhere it wasn't really hot but the humidity was 75%. Walking back home from our walk it felt like I was climbing a mountain....high humidity just takes your breath away!

Stay safe please. 🤟


Oh, VT is FLooded, almost like a year ago, TO the Day! Ironic! Same cities w/a foot of water, roads closed/washed out, Interstate exits impassable, towns closed, no entry. Going to be a while, as the Rivers are Still Rising!
More rain Mon/Tues/Wed. ToDay: 94% HuMidity!! I cannOt be outside!
Can't breathe. More rain this morning, now the Sun is out, more rain on it's way. Wow. What a world; this is Not the weather of my childhood..never this hot, 91ºF.... What is that, 35 C? Looked it up, 33C...still beastly hot!

Love it that the bush accosts passers-by! Mind of her own, has she??? haha


LOL Anne, something like that....after it has been raining she's a bully when you pass her on the path....she won't let you pass without getting wet hair and/or arm! LOL


A Bully Beauty?


Yes, Anne, by pruning her in Spring, I think I created a monster, she's even higher/wider and fuller with leaves than before! ☺

She sure is, Faye, after her 'haircut' she turned a little too big, but yeah, she's a stunner and turns a few heads of passers by! She's low maintenance; the leaves drop off in Fall the blossoms turn brown, which you can leave on or cut. During winter she has bare branches which in Spring can (need to) be pruned!💜💇🏻‍♀️🩷

LOL Jill, yes, I aim to please, I do have my limits though! ☺☺

I'm glad you understand, Kathie, lol! I'm glad you too appreciate my effort!☺
Hope the T-storms won't do (too) much harm!

Thank you, Val. I think you're right. In the past I did cut off a small piece of the branches, but this Spring I've removed several branches to give the plant more air and also pruned them back hard....come Spring I might do what my neighbour across the street does. She cuts the branches to about 30 cm above the ground each year and she again has a wonderful full plant with pretty pink flowers....☺♥


Clever camera shot thank you Impie, I think we need to prune our hydrangeas a lot harder than we have done ☺♥


Ok, so This is the 'hanging out the window with Liertje holding your ankles'
shot? Yeah, no, I much prefer the 'arm out as Far as I could GO!" Love it!
Love the bush And your effort!! Something I would do! T-storms here, wow!


Oh bravo Impie for fulfilling Ella’s wish lol


What a beautiful addition to your front garden! And other than pruning she seems to be low maintenance...obviously she liked her "haircut" last year. 💜💇🏻‍♀️🩷


Oh my yes! She's grown so tall compared to the "new" plant as you got it. Amazing.


LOL Ella...that will never happen! 🤣
Yes, she is quite the plant, isn't she? Below I have a link of how she was when I first got her in July 2011!!!!

Thank you, 1254GAgirl, Dobra and Anne. Yes, she's huge and if you look closely you can see that she's also growing new 'crowns' in the top! It won't be long and I can touch her from my bedroom window! LOL ...but that's not gonna happen because come Spring I'll prune her drastically again!

In the link: This is what the plant looked like when I got her from a friend. Liertje and I made space and planted her in this spot!
She came in a hanging pot, but in the back garden I couldn't place her so we decided to plant her in the ground in the front garden.


How beautiful she is! all those lovely pink balls of petals are just amazing,


It is truly monumental!

Gorgeous blooms.


Once again, i's amazing to see both varieties and various colors on the same plant.


LOL!! Since Faye's remark, I have a picture in my head of you dangling out the window as Liertje is holding you by the ankles! Glad you got back in without falling onto the shed roof! LOL


@EllaMB - your request is granted and I took a photo from my bedroom upstairs. But since I'm not the dare devil Faye suggested, I kept both feet on the floor and merely stretched my arm out the window to take this photo! LOL

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