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Making Chicken Stock from our own Chickens

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Grandma and I raised this chicken, and I killed, plucked, butchered and cleaned it. The pieces of meat were mostly removed and are going to be bbqed for dinner, this is the trimmings, bones, skin, and feet in a pot being made into stock. It's been cooking for about 2 hours now, and the house smells really good, like a high end restaurant. It's nice to have some stock for when you want to make gravy or soup or to deglaze a skillet and make a sauce. I don't add vegetables or salt to my stock, and no spices either. I do that so it can be used in anything I might want to use it in.
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Been a long time since I saw chicken feet in a pot of chicken
When I was growing up we cooked the chicken feet the toes were cut off
We were à big family
I don't cook the feet now but I do love chicken and pastry
Thanks for posting


I'm heading over, too! ;)


What times dinner!!!! I'm on my way!! LOL dj


Thanks everybody. Yeah Isaly, it is amazing stock. The feet are a big part of that because they have loads of collagen. So it is very rich. You can't really eat the feet, but that's just because there's nothing on them that you would want to eat. May as well use them for stock! He had a HUGE gizzard, but we didn't know you had to cut it open and clean it first so we missed out on eating that. Grandma said the heart was the best she ever had. (I like heart too, but there was only one...) I want to try stuffing tiny sausages in the intestines. If that doesn't work, then maybe soup or tacos? It had the most tender drumsticks and thighs of any chicken I've ever had. The fat absolutely dripped from it. The stock has a thick layer of fat on top. I'm thinking of making Bacon Tsukemen from it. It's a Japanese noodle dish similar to Ramen (not instant ramen like you get at the store, the homestyle type). It uses the same kind of noodles that are made with baked baking soda, water, AP flour, and salt with an autolyse and then you roll them out and cut with a knife and boil for a minute. Then rinse the excess starch off and set them aside. The broth is browned bacon, chicken stock, ginger, onions, brown sugar, and dry white or rice wine cooked down into a consumme. You rinse the noodles again in very hot water to reheat them and serve them in a basket so they don't soak in the water, and you make some toppings like a soft boiled egg, green onions, sauteed beansprouts, more bacon, chashu pork, that sort of thing. You dip the noodles and toppings in the hot consumme before sticking them in your mouth and it is the most amazing thing.


You're doing it all, Ryan! Super! :)


I'm glad you're enjoying your home-raised chicken, but I still feel sorry for the poor thing....don't know if I could feast on it, knowing I've seen it in my yard for a couple of months or more...


Hi, Haze. How have you been doing? Hope all is well on your island paradise. I love making chicken stock for soup. I do add spices though...mainly because it usually turns into chicken soup.



Thanks to you Woweee!!!


Boy is that ever going to be some wonderful stock. I have been wondering how your chickens are coming along. When I make stock I don't add vegetables, salt, or spices either. Guess I'm doing something right. Thanks Ryan for the tag. Tell Grandma I said hello.


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