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Mangroves in Port Douglas.

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Mangrove grow in salt water - and put out aerial roots for stability against the tidal flow. Most exude excess salt through their leaves.
They are an essential breeding ground for fish, prawns (shrimp), crabs, barnacles etc, and they also protect the coastline from erosion during storms & tsunamis.
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Morning Jim - That's good to hear - they're really important for the for a healthy eco-system & breeding ground!! Thanks!!


Morning Rob, We have some too. Four species of tropical mangroves can be found around the Gulf of Mexico in U.S. Jim.


Thanks Shirley - I'm fascinated by the roots too!!

I'm pleased to show you mangrove trees & roots Ank & Cathy - They're a unique coastal tree!!
Thanks Suzy - my pleasure!!


A beneficial tree for the environment. Thanks for the background info, Rob!


They're new to me too. Thanks for the picture and the info. : )))


They are new for me too Rob. I'm glad you made the photo. They look beautiful and I'm glad you explained that roots. It sounds very logical. Also I learn every day on Jigidi.


They are not new to me, but they always fascinate me with their root system. Thanks Rob.


My pleasure ruby18 - it's a great way to learn isn't it!!!! Thanks for commenting!!!


I am learning all the time from Jigidi. Thanks, Robyn.


Oops - sorry I missed you Patti! Thanks - I'm pleased to show you mangroves too!!!

Thanks Janet - Chris thought I was a bit crazy for taking a pic, but I thought that some of our Jigidi friends might not have seen them before:))


A fabulous pic of the mangroves, Rob. They are fascinating plants with their weird roots. Thanks and hugs, Janet


Ah - well I'm pleased to show them to you Laura :)))) Thanks!!


I have never seen these, either. Amazing, Robyn!


Ours are in decline in some parts of the coast too Dave - developers have very strict guidelines to follow if they want to build resorts & marinas.
this was right beside the marina & we motored past it to get to the jetty! They also have crocs in this part of the coast!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Lyndee - I like the sound of Sanibel Island:))))


I've never seen these before. Great picture! Thanks Robyn!


Sanibel Island in Florida has got some nice Mangroves. I don't think I've seen them anywhere else.


Excellent photo showing what looks to be very healthy mangrove. They are deteriorating in alot of places around the world. I did see recently that their range in Florida is expanding Northward because of warmer winter temperatures. Thanks Robyn!

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