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You marvel at the intricacy of the tower shapes, and how they form a complex pattern together... somewhat like a fantastic bonfire. You learn that the building, with quieter colours, was completed in 1561. This Russian Orthodox landmark has become an international symbol of Moscow and of the former Soviet Union.

Inside, the mosaic work on the walls astounds you with its detail and variety. You cannot see a church service though, as nowadays they're held only on Sundays; this is primarily a museum.

The Kremlin can be seen beside the cathedral, however you overhear the guide quietly mentioning that it does not allow visitors at this time.


What is this? For details on this free luxury virtual cruise, see the Cruise Invitation.

Either visit it at
or find it on Rob's puzzles. To see them, click on "robf' wherever you see it outside of a comment. That will take you to the first page of his puzzles. In November and December 2020, the Cruise Invitation ought still to be somewhere in the first three pages.

Jean and Rob invite you to a Party to celebrate the cruise, on Sunday December 6, beginning at 2pm EST / 1700 GMT — on the Queen Elizabeth docked in Sydney harbour, Australia. We are looking forward to welcoming you there.

P.S. Feel Free To Tag All Your Friends... The More, The Merrier!
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You've been removed from mine, Robert. Our apologies.


please remove me from the list. Thank you.




Thank you, I haven't time to participate.


Or it could be, as with so many of us, that she's just being herself. And it somehow comes across as mysterious.



When a Scorpio says she/he will reveal all, it means all they'd like you to know about.
However I've reviewed Jean's fine text for tomorrow, and can vouch that it's all true, and actually quite candid and charming.

Now I'm starting to know how Clay Aiken and Enrique Iglesias felt when their status was still a mystery. Not so sure how Jean feels... I think she likes being mysterious.


l will reveal all tomorrow morning-


I would be tempted to review color choices every 30 or 40 years, and change them up--this next iteration will be purple and turquoise and pumpkin orange!


Me as well, Judy!


Somehow, PW, l don't believe it for a minute! You are too full of marvelous advice.


My mind's sign is, "out of order".


Can you not tell-- l'm a scorpion. When l get an idea. l get it done!




Jess, since it's already public knowledge at Jigidi, I just tagged you on Jean's birthday card.


What sign are you, Jean? :)


oh, Betty! How touching-
You have so much very interesting to say!

l know what you are saying- l too am learning here and growing- Jigidi is a miracle in our lives, isn't it!


In my past (growing, now) But back then, if an experience was upsetting, I'd quit saying
"To hard", blaming they don't understand.or just seeing things weren't going my way. Then I started moving outward and talking. I began to do lots of observing and seeing the other side of the coin. And learn as much more than what I taught. Jigidi have been monumental in strengthening my social skills. Plus discover to like myself as well. All of our groups big or small I thank and feel so blessed.



Thank you for the understanding- Rob and l had a lot of fun doing this- we don't even know each other outside of Jigidi- And it's been a good experience for us as well-
The feedback is so great. And you are contributing so much, Betty!

I agree with jals. Its an experiment for all of us as well. We learn from such experiences and no one is intentionally put out. I do get it for those who need to,or find problems but to have missed this because of (the busyness or to many tags). You stated No problems. There is nothing to keep up with, no stress involved, if one knows how to handle it.


you are a good friend- thank you-
It does not have to be everybody's cup of tea-
l appreciate the support so much!


Have always wanted to visit one of these, so really appreciate the tour. (Ꙭ)


Cool, anny. Has much changed?


This is the 2nd time I have been here now :-}


Oooh. I've been here. It will be interesting to go back. (❛ᴗ❛)


Donnajames and dhi, it's done. Thanks for letting us know.


jals, Jean and I are also starting to wonder if we've created a (quite enjoyable) monster here.


As we left New York City's harbor, the sun was struggling valiantly to break through a medium haze. It could still produce multicoloured twinkles on the water, though.

Then it came out. There was a mild disorienting feeling as our eyes adjusted... and we were dropping anchor in the Black Sea. Several LAW Yachts took us all to Moscow. They're waiting in virtual space a block beyond Red Square, where we are now.


This was a fast trip... New York to Moscow in minutes! That doesn't give me much time to enjoy my lovely accommodations.


I have you both tagged, so if you could remove my name also, it would be appreciated. :-)) dj


Jean and I are thrilled that you're all enjoying this.
And those who have asked to be removed are noted immediately. (Personally I wouldn't want 2 tags for each of 8 daily puzzles... my notifications are plentiful enough already.)

There's a very fine borscht (beet soup) with sour cream available across the street. Bypass the line and tell the waitperson you're on the Jigidi cruise; that will get you a seat in short order.


Beautiful !!


@myself1935 @robf
I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but could you please not include me on your bulk postings, it generates an awful lot of mail which is too overwhelming.


Molto interessante, grazie della visita


Thanks for this guided tour, this cruise is getting more and more interesting!;)


Finally, nice to see St Basils.
Was never allowed to go there, or near it.

Thank you for sharing.


You should see the inside of the Cathedral, it's like the eight wonder of the world!
Thanks to Jean and Rob for taking us all on a fantastic voyage! What a great idea...Bernadette


Thanks for being our tour guide jbprols. I never knew it was 9 chapels! And such a shame and a waste that the architect couldn't create other wonders.


A cruise AND history!!!


Do they hand out free samples of basil? How about oregano?


Enjoy those colored Pantaloon Spire roofs :-))


Thank you, Rob, for the tag. Your postings are wonderful. Wanda


I have always wanted to see these buildings.


Thank you Jean and Rob for a delightful party!


read jbprols history!


Thank you for this wonderful research, jbprols- No one who reads this will ever forget it! As exotic a tale as the cathedral itself.


@robf Terrific shot!


The construction of this wonder began in 1555 and ended in 1561. Before being named Saint Basil, it was known as the Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin on the Mound. It was ordered to be built by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to commemorate his recent triumphs, as the conquest of the Khanate of Kazan.

It is composed of nine independent chapels, dedicated to each of the saints in whose festivities Ivan the Terrible won a battle. When the Cathedral was finished, Ivan the Terrible blinded the architect – Postnik Yakovlev. He did it to make sure that Postnik won’t be able to make a re-creation of the masterpiece elsewhere.


I can't believe I'm standing in front of something so beautiful, hubby won't believe this, I'll need to take a few pics.


Wow! What colorful architecture. Beautiful!


Wow! this building is a real work of art. Thanks robf

I;m glad i have my sketch book and camera. I can draw the outline while here and get pictures for detailing later in my cabin!


Amazing, I visited Moscow many years ago. Amazing experience. Thank you so much this Cathedral is here. Many greetings, Ella


Wow, soooo beautiful, thanks:-)


WOW, this is my favorite Cathedral in the world! What a wonderful place to visit and tour!


A beautiful sight and we got here in no time at all. Wow. Thank you Rob and Jean,


Number 6 completed... Thanks again for this wonderful cruise and idea !!


I had the opportunity to see this temple in fact - it is beautiful and looks amazing ... thank you for sharing.

So can I, it is grand.


We welcome the competition, Parson. They get the passengers warmed up until they're ready for the QE's level of quality. :-)

Ianto, isn't it! I can hear Tchaikovsky in my mind just looking around.


Hi Rebecca, so this is Moscow! Much more striking than I ever imagined. Good to have a friend nearby.

If you're already tagged it's probably because you're following me. To keep your notifications tidy for the rest of the cruise I can remove you from our list if you like. Just ask... it's part of my job, you know.


Love the ad for Princess Cruise beside the puzzle of the Cruise on the QE-II.



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Thanks robf, I was already tagged - see you there! Well maybe - it seems it's going to be one huge hoard! I'll be mostly hanging out around the live music.


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