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  1. huet37:36
  2. ianwill39:24
  3. lanny42:24
  4. bellums6644:13
  5. wyona4644:31
  6. gmaz4944:44
  7. erorris45:32
  8. Legur46:12
  9. felicityjigidi50:03
  10. rachello50:40


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Great fun and a good refresher course. After more than a half-century of consulting US maps, I still have trouble with New England. It's such a beautiful place, but if I ever relocated there, I might have to think about having a map of the place tattooed on the inside of my arm. All those little bitty States... . ;-D


One of the very few puzzles I've ever completed in reverse; inside-to-out. Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you for posting it!

I agree, the white on white ocean (or Canada) was painful to complete.

I'd like it if....
editing were possible.

I was surprised by the number of times I tried to put blue pieces in the "ocean" where they belonged. Also, I had a 48 state USA puzzle map when I was a kid. When I worked this, I kept forgetting that Alaska existed when I worked this. Old habits really die hard.
Also, I'd if we could ever get a puzzle maker to admit West Virginia really does have a northern panhandle. If you have ever wondered where the Mason-Dixon line is - it is the border line between West Virginia, and its bordering states of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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