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Mt. St. Helen...35 Years Ago

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Today is the anniversary of Mt. St. Helen's eruption....where were you when this happened?
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My SIL lived in Spokane. She went home from work in the morning due to not feeling well, & took a nap on her couch. When she woke it was pitch dark outside! She thought she must have slept til night time, but it didn't seem like that long. She turned on a lamp & saw the clock, & saw that it was only afternoon. Then she turned on the news & found out what happened. That must have been sooo scary!


I was relaxing with a cup of tea and the Sunday paper and I heard the "boom"....I blaimed my son for slamming the basement door....we had beautiful sunsets the rest of the summer due to the ash fallout...but that was about the only good was a real mess...especially in Eastern Washington and the area around the mountain....


Heard the eruption at home in Victoria, BC. Turned on the TV and watched coverage on KIRO news. The ash was covering the whole area within a couple of days and crops were great for the next couple of years.

In Spokane, WA

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