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Cat Nap

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  1. tisketsmum1:06
  2. racoonstar1:11
  3. hadzi1:16
  4. Augur20211:20
  5. PzzlGrl1:30
  6. MoreJunk1:33
  7. tudie1:34
  8. joyscanlon1:39
  9. mmjbcr1:40
  10. togocat1:51


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This eve, for the first time, I smelled the slightest aroma of smoke. We have no fires in the area, so I have no idea where it comes from. It's 10pm and still 78-degrees outside; not good for sleeping.

Artola, yes, that block spot on his tummy "press here" impression! ;-)


Every time, I see this picture I think if you press on KC's tummy spot he would squeak. :o))

Our 2021 Alberta summer is very hot for me--almost every day above normal, 90s recently, 80s this week. I start suffering in the mid 70s. Our nights have now cooled down, but are still above normal. 2/3 of Alberta homes have no air conditioning. In past years in Calgary we had only a few days and a few nights per summer that it was unbearably hot in our home even with fans.

Most of the time again this year we have smoke from wildfires in adjacent provinces and the US. So we keep windows closed for extended periods and often can't benefit from nighttime cooling. I'm doing half as much gardening and yardwork as I need to be doing, mostly during brief periods when the air quality index is relatively low. Few wildfires in Alberta so far this year, but drought conditions put much of Alberta in high danger.

Our 4 cats often sleep in our bed with us, but not during this heat. At least they're all shorthaired. They're shedding lots, but all like being brushed.

Mary, I hope you and KC find ways to keep cool and safe and well. ~Patsy

KC plays Houdini when I bring out the grooming brush. He tolerates it for, oh, maybe two minutes then scampers away. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are experiencing high heat this summer (90+ all week, again). Neither KC or I handle it well. Wherever you are, I hope you are not experiencing a hot summer. Mary

I never realized KC was this hairy. I guess I never saw his underside before. And he's looked well groomed in other photos. I can't imagine how he copes with hot weather. I suffer in heat and I don't have all that fur. ~Patsy

beyond words.....yes, this hairy creature is my KC. These hot summer temps find him looking for cool places to nap, like right in front of the AC/fan. He also likes to nap under big bushes/shrubs. He comes out looking like he rolled in dirt! I'd give him a bath but he'd just go out and hide in the dirt again!

Out to lunch!
Kitty Cat’s fur seems to say ‘touch me, see how soft and fluffy I am’

Is this KC?


A cat that definitely is relaxed and comfortable.


My kitty, Parfait, sleeps like this. She has long hair too. When it's warm she has a special spot on the patio. There's a good breeze. I can look out my window and her tummy fur is gently blowing around. I love it. They look so relaxed and trusting. Thanks for sharing pics of your kitty enjoying life 'belly up.' a :o))

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17 May 2019 - 6 February 2014
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