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Mountain top pool at Campuestohan outside of Bacolod City clear clean water from a mountain stream
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  1. KingDiane12:34
  2. lindat712:52
  3. kingpaul13:28
  4. Dagina13:33
  5. cooper0214:50
  6. grannyrose15:35
  7. dergshi15:50
  8. Kazbo16:05
  9. sbrattain16:25
  10. ljde31017:43


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A great place to take the family for the day or longer.Lots of stuff for the kids to do and very safe.The only thing i saw that i didnt approve of was the ponies were made to stand in the sun while the people looking after them sat in the shade waiting for customers to come.I took them water and ice cream that they sucked up very quickly.A small roof for them could be erected very easily and a water trough would be very cheap as well.After all they are the ones doing the work providing rides for the kids.This resort is very nice but the animals could be looked after with a lot more caring and respect for their well being.You can Google information and pictures about this very nice spot.


i have yet to go there...

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