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2021 greetings

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Welcome 2021?
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  1. Robbos0:29
  2. Ianto0:34
  3. Ms_Maddy0:34
  4. treker0:37
  5. JohnoMawbs0:40
  6. Pekaji0:44
  7. alias2v0:46
  8. jen70:46
  9. cookie570:47


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Thank you Marina. Good to hear you've put a stop to the nasty thing. Where was the scum based?
I was upset to see it as that is the kind of behaviour on facebook, actually worse.
Later I thought "who else is he sending this sort of thing to?" This has been a tough year even for the most resilient and there are a lot of vulnerable people on jigidi and that sort of post could be very distressing, so I sent a message with his user name and a copy of what he'd written to admin to let them know.
Sending you greetings and best wishes from Australia
Anne :)


I'm sending you plenty of wishes for good health and happiness. Thank you very much for informing me about the troll. I've already reported him..and located him too.

Thank you all, fairly quiet new year in the burbs of Brisbane.



I am going to echo your note !


Thank you. You too!

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