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Late Afternoon

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Hmmm, that's strange, they're probably smog driven. I left CA for ID for that reason.
Photography has always intrigued me. But let it go so long I don't have the patience to figure it out. So I thank you and Jigidiers like you that share your talent. Barb


Bjresh I I envy you living in Idaho. Some really dramatic scenery there. I've driven through part of the state once but didn't have time to really explore. This shot was in Florida. I can't get good sunsets anymore because every evening the sky just fills up with clouds in the west.


Thank you Bjresh, Lunie, Suzy, and Patti.
Lunie and Bjresh I used a six-sided star filter to get this shot. I generally don't like and don't use star filters. If the sun is full in the shot, the prism effect takes up the whole frame and looks ridiculous. I've taken some street shots at night and they came out better, but I was riding in someone else's vehicle and didn't have time to compose any interesting shot. Some people use the filters to better effect on motorcycles or other machinery with a lot of shiny metal. I might try that sometime but my filters are rather cheap.


Wow! Just gorgeous! Thank you IF!


Very dramatic, Island Flyer. Nice to see you back!


A bit scary but nice capture IF... the prism forming a star made it so dramatic. Thanks.


We have beautiful clouds here in NW Idaho, I"d need a much better camera to get something this beautiful, Thank you islandflyer. :-))))

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