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Redwing Blackbird

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  1. Dilubreuer1:03
  2. auntmom71:03
  3. alias2v1:19
  4. bigmomz1:20
  5. lelabugosi1:22
  6. yarnover1:25
  7. ebkrueg1:27
  8. diannez1:29
  9. PLG19581:38
  10. porgy1:39


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Thanks, Lunie! Would be nice if he was snowing more red on his wings, but I guess I can't have everything in one shot! ;-)

Thanks, Francine!


Great shot.


Nicely composed photo!


Thank you, Patti! :-)

Love the poem, Lela. Thank you!!

I wish it were more of the red. They do such a good job of hiding it when they're not flying or showing off. Thank you, Ardy, and ♡hugs


Lovely poem, Lela. Excellent for a five year old. Your creativity was showing at that young age.


Wonderful photo, Jacki. I can see a little tip of red on the wing. Love this. Thank you. ♥Hugs♥


Most of the birds have gone away
On this cold, dark winter's day
But here is one bird I can see
Looking for something to eat
Little bird, I'll feed you
Till the cold, winter's through
And all your friends come back to play
On some bright and warm spring day

By lelabugosi (age 5).


What a great photo! Thanks Jacki!


He was, Jigsaw! Thank you.

His own special blackbirdian rendition. Thanks, Shirley.

Thank you, Robbie!


Two cool puzzles Jacki, thank you!


Picture perfect, I'm sure he is singing this song.
♫ Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Everything's going my way.......♫


Looks like this blackbird is tweeting loudly.


Heehee, Ed.

Thank you, Ginni! I'm really surprised they're hanging around here so long. Usually we don't see them near the house at this time of year.


Nice shot! The red-wings who used to nest in the reeds by one of the coastal trailheads didn't show up this year. Hopefully they just moved off trail, as the monthly bird count shows them in the area somewhere.


Nice. I usually see him with a beakful of seeds.

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