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Octogarden mosaic

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380 pieces
36 solves
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  1. pamts159:12
  2. mcg19571:10:45
  3. yemhabibah1:31:52
  4. kljcar1:40:22
  5. MaxHaxAx1:46:51
  6. Smansfield1:55:33
  7. gatehouse1:58:34
  8. fineweather2:02:33
  9. lcarr2:03:11
  10. Pussel492:05:39


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Hi Dskize, I am not very quick to solve the puzzles even though I create both the patterns and the jigsaw! Generally I am only at the top of the leaderboard the moment they are published, and shortly thereafter Max and his ilk overtake me. I tend to start with the basics, do most of the border then fill in the easier, more obvious sections. Simple tile puzzles are easier, I find curved designs challenging, particularly spiral patterns. This puzzle took me 2:31:55. This particular patterns has two borders which made things easier. Sometimes the way the jigsaw is cut means that you can identify pieces that 'bleed' into the border, so that can make solving the puzzle a bit quicker. I'm now publishing most puzzles in two sizes, less than 200 pieces and about 400 pieces. If you would like any puzzles resized just let me know, if I still have the original image I can publish it to a smaller size. Good luck!! Renniecat


Dskize, I can only speak for myself, but I thiink everyone who loves a challenge, loves Renniecat's puzzles. You think it looks straightforward enough, until you get into it, and then even the most familiar shapes look strange. Find your own strategies for solving her delightful puzzles, and forget about the time...just persevere and keep solving them. You will soon become addicted ! Or, start with her same puzzles using lesser pieces. You still will keep on coming back for more!!


Help! I am out of practice on your puzzles. My times are terrible. Any tricks or tips you can give me would be appreciated. Do you assemble modules or sort by shape? I am sorting by color then toward the end I do shapes. A puzzle is taking almost 4 hours! But I still love every minute of it.

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