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How Many Are Coming to Dinner?? (S)

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These kaleidos are all made from actual dinnerware patterns.
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Well, as a guest, you get to choose your place setting, Joyce! Enjoy the meal!!
Thanks so very much! (*ᴗ*)


Guess what ..... I LOVE this kaleido puzzle!! When I solve these puzzles, I always look to see which I would like to have for dinner plates. Many thanks again, Jan. :)))))


Thanks, Kirsten. This is one that I made a couple of months back and kept fiddling around with. I do love the concept of a pattern chosen for each guest. Concept only, though. There are so many more meaningful ways to spend the money. But here, on Jigidi, we can all feel free to indulge! (*ᴗ*) 


You are very welcome, Francine. I am thrilled that you liked them that much! (*ᴗ*) 


Ardy, my childhood imagination told me that, when I grew up, I would have a different dinner pattern for each guest. This is the only way I could make it happen. LOL
So happy you liked them. Hugs!! (*ᴗ*) 


Good morning, Cece, and thank YOU! I really enjoy making them, too. (*ᴗ*) 


So happy you had fun, Sandi! Thanks.(*ᴗ*) 


ME! Pick ME!! LOL! Thanks Jan! I really love this one. (❛ᴗ❛)


This is such a pretty design. I love the colours and patterns. Thanks, Jan.


Lovely, Jan. It caught my eye when the puzzle opened and made sure it stayed there through the solve - the green and white one near the top in the middle; The pink one slightly left above it called to me as well along the gold one near the bottom right with the sun shining from behind a purple center. There are several others too. Actually I could just take the whole bunch and slip away. Thanks, Jan. ((HUGS))


Good morning, Jan. Love these circular puzzles. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Cece


Fun solve!! Thanks, Jan.

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