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Banisteriopsis caapi

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This tropical vine is regarded by the Matses Tribe of Peru as the mother of all medicine. In the Ayahuasca medicinal brew, it provides the Harmala Alkaloids, a group of 3 beta reversible MAOIs. It is also used in other medicines where it allows the compounds in those preparations to be absorbed without being destroyed by enzymes. The Harmala Alkaloids are being studied for their potential uses in treating depression, mood swings, anxiety, and addiction.
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Sounds like a wonderful medicinal plant. The patterns within it are amazing. Nature is wonderful.


This is really interesting. I thought it was okra at first lol. Welcome to jigidi Ryan. :-)


You should see the plant list... it's pretty much the longest list of anything I have ever written. Took me 3 days to compile it. I even meticulously created a map of where everything is going to be and still have enough room to add more later. It's the last post in this thread:


Good for you Ryan. Making your own medicine that way you definitely know what is in it and it won't cost you an arm and leg. Good for you. I love the picture of your land and what you and grandma are going to do there.


Thanks Cyndi. ^_^

Oh no problem! I have been making most of my own medicine for years. The farm here is gonna let me grow it. I use 3 plants with the Harmala Alkaloids. I used to have to order them from Peru, but the heated greenhouse will let me grow them here. I use them as a mood stabilizer.


If, as it looks, it is hard as wood, it would also make beautiful furniture!


Welcome Ryan to Jigidi. You will find you will meet so many wonderful people on here and be able to travel the world through other people's lenses.

Thank you for all of the information above on this tropical vine. You are so knowledgeable on so many things. I look forward to seeing what all you will post.

Tell your grandma I said hello......Cyndi

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