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40 years ago I rec'd the most important & well read book of my life. This past weekend, I found the same exact one for a dollar & I am replacing mine, not a minute too soon!
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Hello Annjax ~ No, I cannot keep the old one ~ more in a minute
Smllpkg ~ Thank you
Niccolino ~ So true, but sad
0829 ~ Yes, many food stains on the often used pages
I rec'd the BC cookbook when I married for the 1st time. The marriage only lasted 4 years, but the cookbook & one bowl were still with me. The old book sits waiting to go to the recycle station ~ As a potential recipe hoarder, I know I have to let it go.
Thanks for all your responses.


I have an old Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book that is over 50 years old and I am very careful when I use it. It is falling apart like the one in the puzzle, but I keep it tied up with a red ribbon. I couldn't part with it. You can see grease marks on the recipes that the kids use to cook something. Thanks for the memories. . . Naoma


Sad - but there comes a time when they just have to be replaced!


Wonderful story!


Kathy, I hope you have kept the old one---it MUST have huge sentimental value. How many times did you look through it for that very special meal for a loved one on a very special ocassion? How about your children? How many times did they consult it when learning to cook? If you threw it away please don't let me know. It would make this foolish, sentimental old lady cry!:-( .................


Yes, I could hardly believe it ~ I checked copyright date & to be sure all my go to favorites were actually still in it & knew it had to be mine!! Thank you treker ~ I love getting feedback like yours!


What a great find!! I'll bet you could hardly believe your eyes when you saw it. AND,...A DOLLAR!!!
A day to remember. Thanks for posting. I love hearing stories like yours.

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