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Cadillac's version of a pickup truck
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  1. goodallman20:10
  2. opallia31:06
  3. MonHor32:32
  4. RickAgain33:47
  5. Waynes36:23
  6. Tomknut37:19
  7. alva195641:10
  8. terryb1043:25
  9. Bierbau45:37
  10. catherinebarry47:21


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thanks Brad.


St. Pat: Happy Birthday to you! Most of these "trucklets" were not fully functional as a truck--even my beloved Subaru Baja--but provided decent road manners and a comfortable ride. I'm happy to see that the Mirage could handle a full sheet of plywood.


Nice conversion. very classy. Wonder what year it is.? Guess I answered that myself when I searched and found so many '76's. Seems that they made a whole bunch of them and let people order them through their Cadillac dealers. Very classy and comfortable pick up truck, that can carry a whole 4'x8' sheet of plywood. and has a locking trunk under the bed too.
St. Pat.

Why this advertisement?