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Did you say there's no room for me??

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I've been reading ads on Craigslist for pets. I'm stunned at how many people are picking up animals for cheap, then lying about shots, papers and whatever else to resell them. Many will meet people somewhere else so they don't know where they live. I'm not sure which shocks me more, the scammers or those who pay outrageous prices or the fact that they were duped. Just their poor use of the english language is enough to scare me away. It's such a sad world these days when you don't know who you can trust any more. ):
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Never feel bad about a "mix". As my Joe says, they're 100% pure dog.....or cat! :o)


I have never had a cat that wasn't a rescue or "foundling". Used to think about having a purebred Persian but I wouldn't trade any of the "mixes". I enjoy looking for features of other breeds in my cats.-Valerie

I cannot have a pet because of where I live, but if I only destination would be the Pound or Humane Society..whichever you want to call it. I would be proud to say I have a RESCUED pet.


Good for you, Duine! You had your heart in it all the way! I can't believe that I only showed ONE day last year, but between my back and broken neck...... it was all I could manage. I want to get back into more active training on my "kids", as I want to earn Obedience titles on Green and sister Plum, both of whom are Grand Champions. Seal's got 4 titles and is a wonderful and VERY funny demo dog when I teach my classes at Kennel club. He cracked the class up several times Thursday night, but I figure that's just fine as they pay attention to see what silliness we come up with next. :o)


I raised labs and the took my 2 females to the vet within 24 hours of delivery just to be sure they were okay. Vets always said my pups were the healthiest they would see, which they explained that they were all uniform in size, no runt and no overly large. Same here with reading, any pet I had, I bought books to learn about them. No pets now and love seeing how your dogs are doing.


That sort of crook makes it difficult for breeders like me, who are in the breed because we deeply care, do all pedigree research and medical testing and almost bleed from every pore, all to produce the healthiest, happiest puppies possible and give valid warrantees. The GOOD breeders generally breed to produce a dog that they want to keep. I kept 3 of the 11 puppies sired by my beloved Putter.


It seems a few people are collecting these pups and kittens very cheap or even free, then lying about shots, papers and even the breeds, meeting the buyers away from their homes. Some people have been posting about sick pups and other things, realizing they were cheated. It's a shame nothing can be done.


Oh, WELL DONE, Duine!!! You hit several nails on the head with this posting. And your comment is priceless. Unfortunately, these puppies may well be unhealthy, unbalanced and psychologically damaged, but some sucker with a warm heart will adopt them and then find out that all is not as advertised. Grrrrr!


So cute!-Valerie


If you believe this ad, I have a puppy fully house broken, knows all obedience commands, will bring you your slippers without drool on them and he/she is only 6 weeks old! (:

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