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Ghosts Above the Yuba 2010 wak

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This is a watercolor painting by my friend of the view across the canyon from his home. His is located in the mountains north and east of Sacramento, California. @Libi
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  1. clawtjeD5:54
  2. Rembri7:13
  3. Bill_I_Am7:20
  4. tnjflint7:36
  5. patw8:41
  6. billphx9:38
  7. Libi11:01
  8. swallace5511:49
  9. Bommom15:23
  10. roadescape218:05


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Thank You Ladies. I'm glad others think he is talented too.


How lovely, Tim. Thanks for posting it.


I like the light as it glances off the trees and undergrowth. It almost looks like a photo. Thanks, Tim.


I really like it, Tim, thank you for the link. I totally agree with Bill, your friend must be talented.
And nature is beautiful all over the world.


That card would be fun to look forward to each year.

He learned painting as he was nearing retirement much the way that I picked up weaving. Sometime around 2000 he started. He has really become very good. This was his contribution to the Pioneer Arts Club fund raiser calendar for 2012. He creates their own Christmas card each year which we look forward to receiving, needless to say. Thanks Bill


Wow, that's a remarkable scene, Tim. Your friend is talented! Thanks for sharing it.

@Libi this is very similar to your spring scene in Slovakia. I hope you like it.

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