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Keep safe everyone!

Mall of Asia, Manila
Aug 2017
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Yes I was told Megs has left us so sad I always enjoyed her.


I don't know if you've heard it already, Megabelle2000 is dead she died in April.


Nice to see you back Lunie.


Hi Lunie so good to see you around again!! Hugs from Slovenia. I have not forgotten my (very old) promise, but I am in a huge delay. I hope you are doing okay, thank you for the update!




So good to see you again. You be safe too. I had the 1 dose J&J vaccine in March. So nice feeling a bit safer but I am still being careful not to go out real often. Love this flower. grins!☺


Great to see you Lunie, stay safe dear friends. We all miss you. Hugs ♥


Nice to hear from you again! Thank you all for dropping me a line or two. We are back to strict quarantine once again because of the surge of positive cases, surpassing last year’s record. Seniors had their first doses except us. Didi is not entitled to the free vaccine from the Gov’t so we have to wait for vaccines to be available in private hospitals. Still busy with my stamps, (busier than ever), this time preparing some specialized albums while my Philippine Album is nearing completion from 1946 to 2021, am now working on 2008 issues. Will see to it that will be able to pop up a few hrs each day. Stay well!


So happy to see you are back with us,Lunie and Didi...


A most beautiful flower. Stay safe and well both of you Lunie and Didi!


Good to see you back Lunie. Hope everything is well.

It's a good thing your beautiful flowers are back, Lunie. Thanks and many greetings. ♥♥♥


Welcome back, dear Lunie. Nice carnation. Enjoy the weekend ☼


Love the color in this, Lunie and Didi - thank you! Very glad to see you back here at Jigidi. ☀️♥︎☺︎♥︎☀️


Well, look who has returned to us!!! :))))
Welcome back, Lunie and Didi!!


That's a beauty. I can almost smell it. Thanks, Lunie & Didi.


Got my second Pfiser shot today.
Welcome back! It's great to see you back posting, however you can squeeze us in.


You keep safe also my friend. A lot of us have had our second shots. Life has to be even better than before soon !!


WOW you are back Dil. so happy to know you are well and will be posting your beautiful flowers again. Love your carnation, it is also such a happy deep rose color.


Lunie it is gorgeous, so wonderful to have you back☺♥


A beautiful bright coloured carnation, Thanks, Lunie.


It is a real beauty, thank you Lunie


Beautiful flower. I love thinking that it's from Manila too.


LUNIE!!!! Woo-Hoo! Wonderful to see you again!!!

And what a beautiful carnation! Thank you!

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