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Petrified Wood

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  1. navyveteran7:35
  2. mbpu778:32
  3. barryandpam8:52
  4. leightbug9:14
  5. justmedvb9:19
  6. hodag559:23
  7. Gloria7209:38
  8. schreck9:44
  9. KMMG10:33
  10. howdydoody10:39


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A grin to AMIT. :o)

Yeah, Patsy. My old hag vanishes but not quite fast enough for me to NOT see her.


I snapped it!!! LOL I get the same effect when I look in the mirror when I wake up! I have yet to find out how that old witch escapes my mirror when I blink! patsy


Your humor is infectious - thank you @PutterDutt !


Okay. Who snapped the picture of me first thing in the morning??

Ha ha ha!


This must be why all those scary tales about walking in the woods at night were written. Tree trunks topped with branches and a sitting owl stopped many a child from exploring the shadows of the forest. Under the bed monsters were enough ;


Made me laugh! My thought: "Perfect depiction of how I am feeling in 2020!"


@Gloria720 That is too funny! I dreamt last night I looked out my kitchen window and saw all the trees and vines I just cleaned off were back overnight. And I had a tree in the dream that had weird branches falling and one looked like a lion that turned toward me when it fell. I do love strange and weird-looking trees!

Made me laugh a lot! We have a tree in the backyard that lost some branches a few years ago and it had its own petrified look until it grew out of it. it was weird looking out the kitchen window while doing dishes and seeing the "look" right at you.

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