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Boring puzzle of the night: Dclo runs circular saw

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Fixing the deck on a rental of my brothers. Don't worry though, I messed the next cut up a little bit. "Hey, I'm a painter by trade". Have fun, Dave
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  1. inny1:04
  2. Dclo1:09
  3. cado1:17
  4. teamac1:40
  5. missdaisy1:52
  6. Patjo2:02
  7. cyndysy2:13
  8. pamstamper2:16
  9. wshealy2:18
  10. pepperboy12:31


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Thanks for jumping in on Boring puzzle of the night ladies!


Nice Job Dave. This is a great shot, I can almost smell the wood.... I am sure your bro appreciates it. Even if you had a boo boo on the next cut ;0)
It would be nice to be able to do things like this.


Okay, that explains it. I'm a city girl so I don't know much about living a rural life. I'm in TN and consider this to be rural.


Hi Rosee, Growing up rural and on a farm you learn most by watching older family Dad, Uncles etc. Most times with this background you learn basic DIY due to simply not having the money to hire a pro. A lot by "learning as you go". I don't do plumbing or electrical but "know enough to be dangerous" with a lot of other stuff, ha. Hope you are hanging in there TTR, Dave


I'm curious how did you learn how to do all of this? By "this" I mean, painting, using machines etc.

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