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  1. Besty4:07
  2. sparklightie5:35
  3. RosieSmurf5:38
  4. cuetsu5:59
  5. uu1236:34
  6. Bididi6:39
  7. nelsie276:52
  8. Mastracchio6:53
  9. chop6:54
  10. annefar7:02


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I had a trunk, similar to those in the mid-righthand shot, too big to be called a suitcase which my parents got me for college. It was scarlet. It got pretty battered travelling back and forth so when my son was a toddler I painted it lime green, which it still is, to match the wallpaper on his room walls. Tons of stuff can fit inside. I also have a wheeled case with clouds on it which is my favourite.


Good to see you all - I would love some coloured suitcases like these - they are so sturdy - we often had to replace our suitcases as tehy are so poorly made and the really good ones are outrageously expensive xx hugs my friends ............ oh for the luxury of travelling again ♥♥♥♥


These vintage luggage pieces are wonderful, they cost big money if you can find them.

Some lovely collections. Have luggage, will travel!!


Sparklightie, Thank you, for your charming travel themed puzzle! I would love to travel again too, so many destinations... These days I do my traveling vicariously through good books. :-)

I had a whole set of gray luggage. I used it a lot and so did my siblings, cousins and friends. It finally went out with the trash after many years and many miles. It wasn't as colorful as the ones here. Thee are amazing. Thanks. Sandy




♫♪On The Road Again♫♪ I have 2 of my parents (bottom center) with stuff stored in them lol


indeed they are xxxxxx good to see you ☺ so wish we could travel again - but covid very bad by us ☻☻☻

I should have kept my old suitcases. Now they are collectors items :-)


♥♥♥♥♥♥ would so love to travel again ☺☺☺





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