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These are the steps shown in the Harvey-1 puzzle.
Note the guard rail post were set in 3 feet of concrete. These steps were also at ground level.
When the surge came in and out it washed all the packed ground out from under the steps and they sunk into the hole.
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  1. Kate1097:02
  2. loveallmypups9:10
  3. Jack_Neeson10:39
  4. maryoz201411:28
  5. Bloobs12:17
  6. david4hh12:53
  7. pix69geek15:09
  8. geestv16:44
  9. patmele3616:58
  10. rrooney3717:57


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loveallmypups - Located in Port Lavaca, Texas. North of Corpus Chrisity and West of Houston.


Excellent four pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us! I'm glad you and yours are OK.


Where is this? Texas? So sorry for the folks who have to deal with it. Such devestation....

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