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  1. like921150:38
  2. sonny0:43
  3. anan0:43
  4. Grandma_W0:44
  5. Bethamus0:50
  6. Robbos0:53
  7. KatieKates0:53
  8. Burata1:01
  9. byrnewells1:03
  10. sweetpants19941:06


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That's o.k. Ardy, I totally mistook Mandy as being your kitty and that you were thanking her for the good times! LOL I love all of your comments too, your always so sweet and so very kind to me! Your Fluffy kitty is absolutely GORGEOUS! I just love her coloring! I will definitely have to check out your puzzle of her and put it together.


Double OOOPS I meant to say Thanks, Monica - I got my "M" friends mixed up. My current cat is Fluffy. My Siamese was Smoki Tai. Your comments are so sweet and loving. Thank you. (That's Fluffy in my avatar. I posted a puzzle of her today.)


OOPS! I meant to spell it 'friend' right at the end, sorry about that Ardy! lol


JanetJane1970- Me too! LOL You are so very welcome! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! :-D

Ardy- LOL Awe, your Mandy sounds like she was a really great kitty and loyal companion! That is so very sweet! Thanks so much, and thank you for your birthday wishes to my Gary, I'll make sure to tell him you said so! Your so very sweet! Big hugs to you my freind!


So cute, Monica. I used to speak quite good Siamese but have lost a lot since she's been gone. Its' been about 35 years. We used to have great conversations. Thanks, Mandy. Happy birthday to Gary.


Hello Sweetpants1994, I love the look on his face too, it totally says it all doesn't it! I say meow to my kitties all the time and they just look at me like they think I'm crazy or something! LOL Thanks so much for commenting on my pic! It's good to meet you! :-)))


How funny kitty, the look on your face, humans can say MEOW,

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