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  1. teaqueen9:56
  2. bartstarr9:57
  3. improver1010:33
  4. Tyco11:34
  5. alice199111:37
  6. veura11:40
  7. Pecloca12:11
  8. loriann5712:22
  9. Snarisley12:39
  10. lubika12:50


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Thanks, GmaNiNi!

Ditto! blondie54.

You're such an animal lover - you notice everything! It all looks delicious to me. Thanks, dear! xoxo


Such a busy scene. The dog looking longingly at the sausages, other dogs watching the cats in the tree. Cats in the porch and the bird feeder on the porch which is full of something that the birds seem to love. Then there is all that food and the juice. Even a little putting green. Really neat !!

Cookouts were few and far between in my family but it sure was fun when it happened!


Love family cookouts! Don't get to do them too much any more. 😥

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