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My New cat

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This is Flynn, my new shelter cat. She is 6 1/2 years old and a real sweetheart. Very big too! 12 pounds
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hi valerie.......I too have just got myself a "huge" new be going around........mine is not 12 pounds though.....maybe 8/9.......but the gentlest cat I have ever had...
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.....too bad there is so much rain around....almost makes me want to have some snow.......merry christmas...robin


Thanks for your kind compliments RebeccaB, Carol66, youngone and petsmom. I'm so glad to have her.-Valerie


Flynn is adorable. So glad you adopted her. She looks right at home. Thanks for sharing her with us, ValerieBC.

Such a pretty face!


Love her! What a beauty! I will tell Payton he has a new Jigidi friend. ;)


Clearly has already settled in and started "ruling". ;) Wishing you many happy years together.


Me too. Thanks, songbird.-Valerie


Love the green eyes.


The white tufts in her ears look unique. Plus, the way she crosses her paws. She is just a darling. Thanks djp and Pussle for your comments.-Valerie


A beautiful cat Valerie, and she has real cat's eyes!


Flynn purrs so LOUD. I love it. Thanks for your comment.-Valerie (she has a very long tail).


She's beautiful!


Flynn looks very much like our Aggie. Aggie is a pixie-bob with a short tail and loves to purr. We estimate Aggie is around 8 years old. She has the sweetest disposition.

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