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โšž๐ŸŒพ Aroma of peaches ๐ŸŒพโšŸ

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Primula elatior
is a close relative of Primula veris, which is better known. This species of primrose blooms earlier in the spring in the woods, it is taller with larger flowers and a wonderful peach scent. This medicinal herb is used to cleanse the body, for bronchial problems also for urological and rheumatic problems. Its beautiful flowers are an ornament of spring forests
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Nicco, thank you for stopping by me, I'm so glad to see you. The good news is that nature is returning to its former form, it has suffered greatly from the use of chemistry. I also observe it, although in the case of these flowers there is a different situation. I live in a strictly protected nature area, so the plant species are quite stable โ™ฅ:))


Dear Jill, thank you for your kind message, I was happy to share the view of spring flowers with you โ™ฅ:))


These cowslips remind me of my childhood - I just love them. They became endangered here, due to pesticides used on field crops as they used to bloom in ditches next to fields. I'm glad they are beginning to come back. We also have some in our garden.


Such a lovely and delicate set today, thank you dear Deanna


John, thank you for your visit and nice message โ™ฅ:))


thank you.

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