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Abandoned New Hampshire Farmhouse

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It has so many stories to tell!


It was a large home, manx; goes back a good way, and it's obviously three stories...Maybe the foundation wasn't up to snuff. Wish I knew!


looked like a large home , I live in a older farm house and sometimes there are structural problems you can't see


Glad you enjoyed it, Lorskip. It has always intrigued me when I pass by; thought it might make a decent puzzle. :-)

This house has a story to tell, wish it could tell us.......enjoyed working it!


The photo sure doesn't make it look that bad! Don't understand people that will build a new home and leave this in their backyard. Takes all kinds.


Thank you all for your comments! This house has been derelict for many, many years. Unfortunately, the windows are either broken or open, and the interior has been exposed to the elements. It would need a LOT of TLC to restore it! What the picture doesn't show is the "newer" farmhouse about 100 feet to the left of the abandoned one. The family that owns the land apparently built that one and still resides in it. Don't know why this house was left to rot. Perhaps a family feud or resident ghosts? (Or maybe the ridiculous property taxes we pay here in NH!) ;-)


Probably a farmer whose family left for the Cities. A coat of paint would do wonders for it.



Do you ever think about the story as to why this house was left abandoned. It looks pretty good structurally a little TLC would make it lovely.

What a pity!

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