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My first try at Coffee Painting - WIP.

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I'm doing this on watercolour paper - approx, 6x8". Need to get some fixing spray for when it's finished.
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I am happy that we made you happy.


Ah shucks, thanks, you guys. Art's what I do. I love the phrase all is art at the hands of an artist. I just use whatever I have available. I'm totally skint at the moment+can't afford any new paints, so I make do. LOL! I like to try different things, I love pumpkin/fruit carving, papercutting, got some autumn leaves I'm going to try carving, feathers I'm going to paint on, stones, slate+glass I'm going to engrave (borrowed my brothers engraver), a 6 1/2' cd case I'm doing a life size Jason Staitham (as the transporter) on for my bro+sis-in-law, in the middle of making a fairytale castle from boxes+loo rolls for my granddaughter, with working drawbridge+pull-up portculis.
I have been known to make a right pig's ear of some of my artwork, when I have a narcoleptic sleep episode, as I sometimes continue in an automatic behaviour way - which can be annoying. Especially when it's something I've been pleased with.
Faces are what I've always done best, whether it be human or animal - the eyes are my thing.
For me, art begins+ends in emotion, in whatever form.
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I really do appreciate your kindness. Rea. ; )))


You're really talented. Interesting medium.


This is stunning, Amazonia! Wow!! The face is beautiful and beautifully done. What an interesting technique! thanks for sharing!


Your talent is really something to enjoy. Faces are so hard and you've captured it perfectly. This was really great to look at. Thanks


I just use instant coffee - got an old glass make-up foundation jar i put a couple of heaped teaspoons in + add fresh boiled water, like you would make a cuppa, only thicker consistency. The way you do the painting is the opposite way round to regular painting - laying the coffee on heavy+then with a wet brush+kitchen roll, lift it off. You have to be careful adding layers over the coffee as you can accidentally lift off the base layer. Smells delicious+even when its been sprayed with a fixative, it will maintain the lovely coffee aroma.


Interesting. How do you prepare the coffee?

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