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Kayaking on the Huron river in Michigan. I'm trying to catch up to Heidi, she has the beer in that red bag . Her brother Denis is in front. Heidi is like the daughter we never had , Both Pat and my self love her as we would if she were really our daughter. She is a very special loving and caring girl.
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Jime je to moc hezké foto. Vídím, že se váš život změnil a obohatil.

Jim is a very pretty picture. I see that your life has changed and enriched.


Janet , It was great chatting wit you and Julian Yesterday. I still think its magic that we can see each other and talk for free on Skype. I don't know if I'm getting fit or not .I'm sore , sunburnt and can't lift my arms higher than my shoulders. Hugs dear friend.


Florrie , having a great time , not on the computer much or sitting in front of the TV all day anymore. Heidi is a very special loving and caring girl . we love her a lot. Jim


smllpkg, Yes that's her , We couldn't love her more if she was really our daughter.
My niece said it's about time we had a child after 75 years, Heidi is planning a 50 wedding anniversary party. My wife Pat will be surprised. Jim


BK, since Heidi came into ours lives I've been very active , she said she was going to keep me young. I might die trying. She doesn't let any grass grow under her feet. We were Kayaking yesterday , I am sore this morning and sunburnt. Jim.


Dilubreuer,, No gater's just a lot of largemouth and smallmouth bass. How about yourself, how are you doing ?


Bukasari, me too.


Great photo of Heidi, thanks, Jim and great to have a catch up last night. It's good to know you are enjoying life and getting fit in that kayak! Hugs dear friend.


I remember Heidi. She's the waitress where you go for breakfast in the morning, isn't she? Your adopted daughter!


So this is where you've been. Floating down a lazy river in the spring sunshine drinking beer LOL. Glad to know you're enjoying life♥


No gators in there Jim? how are you?


Love paddling shots.

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