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For friends :-)

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:-))) PW

Thanks for the smile Heicel. It sure is and I am a good hostress :-))))


It's all a question of the 'packaging' 😁! Thanks for a great new idea!


Great comment about Christmas, Sissel.


:-))) PW

Thanks Sharon. I have a saying about Christmas "it is not the Cleaningcontrol comming - it's Jesus" :-))))

Yes Donna. Relax before visitors and enjoy :-)))) Thanks


Love it. Makes me feel better about sitting here enjoying jigidi when I should be dusting and putting away some clutter.


I will tell her, Sissel.


That is a good saying Alias :-))) Thanks so much

"Here is clean enough to keep health and dusty enough to keep luck."
A sign I have seen.


Thank you Pat :-)))

Exactly Juba. I do that :-)))

Ohh Lia. Thanks and have some nice days. Here the sun is shining and I would rather do something else :-))))

:-)))) Thanks Sylvia

Thank you PW and greetings for Marti :-)))


Ha ha! Love it!


I have noticed people with messy houses don’t say excuse the mess.
Houses are for living in.


:)). Must stop now on Jigidi for this morning.
Got to do the Friday-house-cleaning 🤣🤣🤣 and next week spring-cleaning and then....


Totally with all of you! :)))))))))))


I agree with Lia. :-))))


That is my thoughts too sometimes Lia. People living in a home must show that they are NOT cleaning all time but enjoying life :-))))


I hate it when I visit someone and they say: 'come in, but don't look at the mess', while the house is speckless, and not even a book or paper is lying around.
I don't say anything but would like to say: 'ooh, do you live in here? I thought it was a show-room of some kind'....

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