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Who do you see peeking out in this maize and where do you see him? Clue Later in Comments.

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OK, all....the answer picture will be posted tomorrow, and then you can compare it with today's photo. I'd like to know if you think the answered photo helped. Until tomorrow....

Thanks, Lela.


I see the white blob that is supposed to be the cat, but I never would have called it a cat without you instructions on how to find it Marion. I think we need the picture again tomorrow.


He got it from THIS picture. Just snipped the top right corner , enlarged it, and drew a circle!


Yeah, but where did he get it from? It's got a red circle around an "image", but the kitty I have in this picture is NOT this one. I think I'll just post this photo again tomorrow with the actual circled spot of this little white kitty.



Poolcue is referring to THIS picture. The link is a screenshot of the top right section enlarged.


Sorry, pool cue...This was NOT the picture I posted yesterday. Enlarge today's puzzle, slowly, bit-by-bit and glance at those two big pots on the right. Then, slowly look to the left and you'll see the white kitty peeking out on the right side of those stacked boards. I'm sorry, but I don't know how you got that picture with the circle. It sure wasn't the picture I posted yesterday, either. Oh you want me to repost this one tomorrow with the circle or not? Let me know.

I took that pic of the top right section of the finished puzzle - the one you posted today. Cat1 is what I called the pic I took.


@poolcue...for the life of me, I don't remember posting this one, and not only THAT, it's not the kitty that's peeking out. I'm thinking about starting all over again since I began this "find-em" thing, because a lot of people may have missed a few of these. And I have to laugh at this, doesn't even LOOK like a cat. I notice also that by the picture it says CAT 1, which I don't know what that means. I've kept all my "find-em" puzzles and and have a feeling I may have deleted that one. The kitty in this photo is
peeking out from the bottom of all that stacked lumber. Look at those two big pots on the right, then slowly gaze to the left, and you'll see his little head poking out. Let me know if you see it now.

The original snip is clearer than this but it sure looks like a cat to me.


@poolcue - nope...keep looking.


Distance shots with major blurring on enlargement makes for rampant imagination! LOL

Can't ignore what looks like a pile of dead birds retrieved from an oil slick!!

Is it where I said, under the big tree trunk?


The reason I've been doing so many kitty "find-ems" is I got them all on the same web site and just picked the ones I liked best. I'm almost done with all of them. It is kitty, again, and he's white, and peeking out from behind something. you just want the answer where he is or do you want the photo tomorrow with the circle around it?

Probably a cat.

Looks like an owl or a cat just under the large, slanted tree trunk on the top right.


To the left of the wood piled up against the building there are some shelves. On the third from the top I see what could be a small owl. But there are lots of places who critters to hide. Thanks, Marion.


Took your advice, but nothing popped up ๐Ÿ˜


This one is tough and I will probably be asked by a few of you for me to repost it tomorrow with the circled answer. We'll see...


LOL! Don't enlarge this one too much...just a little...and gaze slowly at all the things in the photo...all of a sudden, it pops out at you. Keep trying.


Well, I had a really good look but by the time I zoomed it so I could see it, the image becomes too blurred to make out anything smaller than an elephant ๐Ÿ˜

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