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Betty is a Barred Rock.
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  1. Bangtannie7:36
  2. mble1119118:39
  3. redjenn2279:43
  4. JGalt10:43


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Yes, Guineas are Great tick control. My last one died 2 yrs ago and I am considering getting some more...I just need a Good Broody hen to mother them. I raised mine under a wonderful Banty hen and the Guineas learned early that the coop was where to go at night. The folks around here that don't raise their Guineas under a chicken, have the Guineas always roosting in the trees and laying their eggs in the fields...eventually the get picked off by predators.


Wow!! That's a lot of birds! Must be a lot of work. I think the most I've ever had at one time is 18. I may buy a few chicks this Spring, just to add variety. I like Polish birds, they're fun to watch and pretty tame birds. I would also like a Maran of some sort. I will definitely getting some Guinea keets this year. We live in rural Montana, LoLo National Forest backs our property. Lots of ticks. The chickens DO eat them, but Guineas are well known to be voracious tick eaters.

Those are only my Barred Rocks. I have 47 Rhode Island Reds, 23 Production Browns, 30 White Plymouth Rocks and 30 Black Sex Links. We sell a few eggs... ha ha!


Merrie, we just inherited Betty and three other hens as well as a rooster from friends that are moving and couldn't take them along. Haven't had a rooster in a long time, so hoping to raise our own chicks now that eggs will be fertilized, just need a broody hen. Barred Rocks are nice birds and pleasant to have. You have a LOT of hens!!

Hello, Betty! She is a fine looking Barred Rock. I have 22 Barred Rock chicks (4 weeks old) right now and 13 Barred Rock 4-yr-old hens that the chicks will replace in time.

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