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Queen of the Night. Smaller.

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This is one of Epiphyllums which blooms at night (hence the name "Queen of the Night") and dies when the sun comes out, but I managed to catch six flowers before they died. They are pollinated by moths. I grow mine in hanging baskets, under trees.

Bottom: A close up of one flower with its pretty pink stamen.

Epiphyllum is a genus of epiphytic plants in the cactus family, native to Central America and South America. Epiphyllum are epiphytic cacti as their name suggests. Some call them orchid cactus due to their large bright blooms and growth habit. Wiki.
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I know my dear ♥


Thanks Jaklien, they are tropical plants. Hugs. ♥


Maybe now I am writing the last comment for this wonderful puzzle picture: short and sweet -> very beautiful and original. Here locally I have never seen it before. Thank you, my dear Janet. Hugs and ♥


Thanks for that Allie, yes how great it would be if we could share. Yes I though yours was a cactus. I have had this white one for many years. I have a red and a pink too and some other fancy ones, but they don't flower well. I'm supposed to have a yellow one but it has never flowered for me. Hugs dear friend. ♥♥


The stems of that cactus are finger shaped not flat. Plus it is very big (12 inches across) and has multiple layers of petals. I love all mine but yours is so beautiful in it's simple form - would love it in my collection - shame we live so far apart :-)) tfs x


Thanks so much Irene, hugs to you my friend. ♥♥


Very pretty 🌟🌟🌟 thank you very much Janet🌹


Thanks Daasha, hugs to you my friend. I'm pleased you liked them. ♥♥♥


Thanks Barb, I couldn't pass up six blooms still alive! Hugs dear friend. ♥☺♥


Thanks so much Suzy, yes I was thrilled to get six blooms still out. Hugs my friend ♥


Allie this is a really old fashioned one, I've had for many years. Now they are breeding many colours and huge blooms. What is the one you have on Allie B2? Is that a cactus flower? They are very similar.
Thanks and hugs dear friend. ♥♥


Shirley the fact that there were six blooms was so tempting. Taken very early morning. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Thanks so much Val, they are beautiful. hugs ♥♥♥

Janet, I'm glad you introduced us to this beautiful and interesting flower. It's very strange. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Beautiful, Janet. I'm glad you were able to catch those blooms before they withered. Thank you. Hugs to you my friend ☺♥♥


Oh, Janet!!! There are marvelous! What a treat for you to get a photo of them before they gave in to the sun. What an evening delight. :)) Hugs!


What lovely blooms Janet!!! Simple but really striking! Have never seen this before! Thanks for sharing :-) xxx


Magnificent white flowers, I love them, well worth a trip outside at night just to see them, Thanks, Janet ♥


Janet thank you this looks Magical lovely photo Hugs ♥♥♥


Thanks so much Sissel, with hugs. ♥♥


Thanks so much Bekka, hugs to you. ♥


Beautiful pics Janet. Thanks so much and hugs :-))))


Wow, that's quite a show, and you managed to get a picture! Thank you, Jan :-)


Yes redina it is sad and if you are not quick, all you see is a shriveled flower. Thanks and hugs. ♥


It's sad that the blooms only last one night. They are really pretty. TFS


Yes Gail, all of mine are in the shade of trees. I have a quite a few. Hugs my friend ♥


What a glorious flower! I'm so glad you got some pictures to share with us, Janet. They must like being in the shade of the trees.


Thanks Jill, the sun was not long up and I looked out the kitchen window and saw all the flowers, so had to get a pic. They are tropical flowers. Hugs to you. ♥


Thanks Foxy, yes they do look a bit like fireworks. Hugs. ♥


Hi Trudy, thanks so much and good to hear from you. Hugs. ♥


Such a pretty flower, how clever of you to get some photos of it. I’ve not seen this lovely bloom before. Thanks and hugs Janet


Amazing! Thanks for sharing this beauty, Jan. At first glance of the thumbnail I thought it was fireworks in the bottom pic ☺️


Hi, Jan. Nice to see your pretty flowers, of which you always have so many! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hugs, Trudy

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