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Scientists say dogs yawn in response to their owners' yawns~monkey see, monkey do.

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Dog owners who claim their pets know their feelings may be on to something: A new study shows that canines yawn more in response to their owners' yawns than they do to strangers' yawns.

That suggests dogs are "emotionally connected" to people, study leader Teresa Romero of the University of Tokyo said in a statement.

Scientists already knew that dogs sometimes yawn when they see people yawn, but it was unclear if that was considered a form of empathy or mild stress, as yawning can be caused by anxiety.

So Romero and her team set up an experiment in which 25 pet dogs watched both their owners and strangers yawn or pretend to yawn. (Read about why people yawn.)

The team ruled out stress when researchers saw no significant differences in the dogs' heartbeats during the experiments, according to the study, published August 7 in the journal PloS ONE.

Not only did the dogs in the study yawn more in response to their owners' yawns, they also yawned less when they saw fake yawns from their owners or from strangers, suggesting they were exhibiting true contagious yawning.

Contagious yawning occurs in humans, chimpanzees, baboons, and dogs. (See dog pictures submitted to National Geographic.)

In a similar study published last year, scientists found that people yawn more in response to the yawns of people they care about most.

In the case of people, scientists suspect that contagious yawning is a form of empathizing with people experiencing a feeling, which—in the case of yawning—usually means stress, anxiety, boredom, or fatigue.

Elisabetta Palagi, of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome, noted that the study is the first time that scientists have shown contagious yawning occurring between different species.

"This could be the result of a long process of domestication," said Palagi, who wasn't involved in the study. (Also see "Dogs' Brains Reorganized by Breeding.")

"Once more," she said, the study "demonstrates that dogs are capable of empathic abilities toward humans."

Christine Dell'Amore
National Geographic
August 8, 2013

Every time I made a puzzle of this dog, seeing him yawn made me yawn and I don't have any ties to
this mutt. jlou
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  2. mtself2:20
  3. clawtjeD2:35
  4. Baylee2:53
  5. DarcyB3:14
  6. lucylucylucy4:03
  7. 13134:34
  8. Unclekwak4:53
  9. Waferkelley5:07
  10. dawgerz5:15


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Left message (2) on angels, brightspark.
Hugs to you, hope you are having a pleasant day, need to brought
uptodate on the moving. jlou


potty dotty - just a me saying!! and check my todays special angel puzzle for yours truly xx let me know xxxx


check pots, aladin xxxlove ruby wishing you a happy thanksgiving - what didyou have to eat and hope youwere in the warm embrace of your family and of course maggie - hugs and woofies xx


and cleans your lamps please xxxxxx


potted puzzle plus minus 12 ni=ovember - did it beforewe left xx


Glad you and Freddie made friends. Parrots are for people who
'are in for the long haul', I always wanted one, we had parakeets
at different times when I was home. I had a white canary named
Sugar, after I married. We lived in a 2nd floor apartment and I
would have the windows open and there were many older trees
with many birds chirping and Sugar loved that.
Oh, maggie doesn't yawn when I do and I have never seen her
yawn or I would in turn. No haven't, but I need to, where is that
genie when you need him, I know a wish or two I would like to
have granted. : ) I just got back from Library and store, then
stopped by a neighbor friend's house, to see how she was. She
is almost 76, and the poor dear, you would think she was 86.
She can't drive any more for awhile I drove her places, now I
shouldn't be driving, will tell you later about my eye problem.
Hugs, jlou
What is a potty dotty one mean? Is that an African saying? Or
a Michelle, saying?


rubbed any lamps lately - oh potty dotty one xx x 2


hi again, this is really cute!!! - My sisterinlaw has a parrot called freddie - i am in love with him - he speaks a lot!! I have taught him to sneeze 7 times - (my late mom always did this) PROMISE HE REALLY DOES THIS - even if i am in the study (a way from him in the kitchen) then i sneeze 7x and i wait a short while and he sneezes 7x back at me then i always say god bless - and one time he said god bless - he laughs like my sisterinlaw, barks like the dogs, rings like the phone - when the real ph rings - he shouts hello!! Swears like a trooper, makes the sound of the washingmachine, vacuum cleaner, pops up like the toaster noise, whistles like the kettle etc, What a character - then people say parrots just mimic - do not believe it - he says to my s in law - kissmommy - and she kisses him, SO CUTE - i talk to him all the time - he also whistles the tune from the good the bad and the ugly and happy birthday and many many more things xxxxx LOL sleep tight xxx

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