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182_9329 Tetratheca thymifolia, Tremandraceae, aka Black-eyed Susan

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Found in open forests and woodlands of eastern New South Wales and southern Queensland.
Tetratheca is a genus of about 20 species, which are small shrubs less than half a metre in height. They are endemic to Australia and found in all states.
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Hello Andie!
This a small Australian native & it was growing in the last house we lived in. This was a young plant & so a lot smaller than a full grown one. My knees don't work very well & can't get low enough to see the flowers from the other side! This photo was taken from the back & you can't see the black around the centre, although if you look very closely you will see that the little stem holding the plant is purpley black in colour - that where the name came from, same as the Rudbeckia & the Thunbergia!!! There are a lot of plants that have the same (or similar) common name. It's the scientific name that lets you know it is a different family.
Hope this long"Epistle" has helped!!!!
Seems like I've caused a few problems, 1st spids.... (jacki) & you Andie! Sorry!!


Hello jacki, so sorry about the spider.
If I am going to put up any more spiders I will let you know before I do it & hopefully you can avoid it!


Hello Dilubreuer! Thank you!!


A beautiful shrub Kate ,thanks .
Funny though it should be called "black-eyed Susan in Oz Kate, because it doesn't look like the plant that usually goes by this name = Rudbeckia hirta.
Mind you the translation into French of black-eyed Susan "Suzanne aux yeux noirs " applies to Thunbergia alata !
Confirmed by an extract from your site :
"The flower colours have given rise to the name "black-eyed Susan" which is also the common name of the unrelated exotic plant Thunbergia alata, a serious weed in some areas." (BUT thunbergia alata is either YELLOW or WHITE with a black heart !) You can't win can you??????!!


this is very pretty, kate. and sorry, but i can't do spiders. it was all i could to look at the thumbprint.


And they are prettya,

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