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Kaleido Collage: Small

36 pieces
176 solves
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I created the images in this collage.


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Thank you, LauraJane. You all make me feel so humble and blessed. I really love making these, and the fact that it brings pleasure to all of you makes me so happy.


I am also a big fan of your collages, Gail. Let's see...I like the upper right the best today!


Edie, your comment makes me so happy.

Rosie, I'm glad you like those kaleidoscopes. The top right is one of my favorites. I have made several from the same original image.


Yup, I was right the first time. Thanks for a fantastic puzzle. Rosie


Wow, the top left and the middle right are really beautiful and my faves for right now. Will have to see what happens after I solve this collage. Because I'm also loving bottom left and top right so we'll see. Thanks, Rosie


I'm a big fan of your collages as well Gail. Glad to hear there are a couple more in the works. These are really special. Thank you.


Thank you, Barb. I have a couple of others in the works. I'm really glad you like them.


After doing the 81 piece of this collage, these images just fell into place so easily. I'm a big fan of your collages, Gail, thank you. :-)