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Theme: Round - Round within Round

36 pieces
208 solves
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Jo, I have been out of town, but will email you soon..... :-))))))


Wow, Jo I'll go get the plates and utensils;but, we need about Jekyll Island's south beach... :-))))


Shirley, I will be looking for your creation.... :-)))


A lovely cold "fruit" pie!! Yummy blueberries, cherries, limes, and oranges with a kiwi center!!
Much fun, thankyou Jill!! :)


Thank you very much for that, Jill, Now I'll go and create something with them, Thanks Again my friend.


In a round about way, Shirley, lol! You are more than welcome!

I would be quite honored for you to use any of my Jekyll photos, my friend!.... :-)))


Lovely shiny round within a round, I'd say you have rounded up these rounds nicely my friend. Thank you, Jill.
BTW, Jill, I wish to ask your permission to use some of your lovely Jekyll Island pictures in my puzzles, I will understand if you don't wish me to alter your lovely pictures. Thanks Jill.


I do see the red and blue birds.... they even have shiny little eyes! Digressions are quite acceptable! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, 9pets!


Lol, Kirsten. How often you make me smile! This time it was a chuckle. Whatever your thinking process produced, made my head go round and round! You are most welcome, my friend!


Love those red birds with their long blue beaks sitting around the outside watching over the circle of little blue birds with their yellow beaks. I digress, lovely puzzle Jill, thanks for sharing it with us.


Luvverley round, round, round* things Jill!! So nice and shiny too! Thanks very much. :)))

Would that be round squared? And would that mean we could no longer call them round? Oh, woe. Sometimes I think I overthink these things. LOL


Thanks, Jan. I appreciate your sweet comment! I'm so glad you liked it!


What a fun little beauty this is! Thanks so much, Jill!