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Barbie Day celebrates one of the world's best known dolls. She was introduced to the world on March 9th 1959. With a height of just 11 inches and long flowing hair, Barbie was the first mass-produced toy doll in the United States with adult features.

Barbie was "invented" by Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel, Inc. with her husband in 1945, by 1961, the enormous consumer demand for the doll led Mattel to release a boyfriend for Barbie. Handler named him Ken, after her son.

Sales of Barbie-related merchandise topped 1 billion dollars annually by 1993. Since 1959, more than 800 million dolls in the Barbie family have been sold around the world and Barbie is now a bona fide global icon.

To celebrate have a look at some of the strangest Barbie dolls ever sold:

One collector, a 41-year-old Florida man has revealed he spends £20,000 a year working on his Barbie doll collection. You can see pictures and read more about his amazing collection here:


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Mandy - just to answer your question. 50 years ago - if I wanted clothes to Barbie, sewing / knitting / crocheting was the solution. My mother and aunts only made a few for me. Bying Barbie clothes was just a dream.... It was normal at that time to sew / knit / crochet your own clothes and things to the home.


Thanks Pat! I don't recall seeing your lovely flower avatar before :~)


Thanks Rosie - your comment got me thinking that I haven't seen any mention of celebratory days for any sports, let alone those you mention... I may have to do some more research!! :~)


Great day for Barbie .... Thanks Mandy


Another great "who knew". Thanks,Mandy. I was too old for dolls by the time Barbie came out and my daughter didn't go for dolls---football, soccer, baseball and basketball were always her thing--with two older brothers she was exposed to sports by the age of two. Thanks again. Rosie


Shazzaannie - she sounds very advanced, your parents should have been delighted you enjoyed her so much.


Madmaxi, I am so sorry, I missed your comment earlier... I hope it was only the barbie's you put in the attic, and not your daughters!!! It's great to see you, and thanks for stopping to leave a comment... I love reading them all.

Oh yes, she was very advanced for the 1960s. You pulled a cord in her back and had about six sayings like 'Hello my name is Barbie' and 'Will you comb my hair. I loved it but it probably drove my parents mad!


Thanks shazzaannie - I didn't even know they did a talking Barbie!!! LOL!!


LOL whatnauts - i just said a similar thing to PJ - about working with tiny pieces. I don't know how your Mum managed to knit for them either.... what did she knit with... toothpicks!!!??


Thanks PJ - I cannot imagine how anyone could make clothes to fit such a tiny doll PJ - you must have very nimble fingers. :~)


Wendy, I'm laughing at your daughter's idea of how to play with dolls!!! She sounds a bit like one of my girls!! LOL!!

Ahhhh such happy memories - as a girl I had the first talking Barbie.


I was never a big fan of dolls. I do remember I had a baby doll - my younger sister was annoyed with me and bit off her toe. I may have had a barbie, but it was mostly my sister who played with dolls. She had several barbies and my mom used to knit clothes for them and one of my aunts sewed many, many outfits. I can't imagine working with such tiny pieces - what patience she had. Thanks, monza :))))


Mandy - so fun, fine selection of images. I played with my Barbie, made clothes for her - and dreamt 'girl dreams' :-) The doll got worn out and thrown away too....


I checked out the links awhile back and loved the info and pics in the links. I was a true tomboy and could never understand why friends of mine wanted Barbies. But then when my daughter was of age, I bought her Barbies. Her favorite thing to do with them was to throw them out the second and third story windows of our house to see how they'd 'survive.' She made different parachutes to help them out.


Thanks Jan - I didn't think I should post some of those other Barbie images, but didn't want people to miss out!! I'm delighted you enjoyed seeing them!!


Not that's just weird and obsessive, Mr. Florida Man. OMG
And the other Barbies - those are some pretty strange ones. thanks for the hilarious links, Mandy!
Great puzzle.


Well, Ardy - judging from the guy in Florida... you don't outgrow dolls!! LOL!! It was good of you to find a pink car for your cousin - I bet it was more expensive than the doll herself!! Thanks for stopping, and it's nice to see you... I've been playing at yours!!


Thanks Katie, it's good to know you've had some good memories from seeing this puzzle :~)


Thanks, Mandy. I never bought into the Barbie craze. I guess I was outgrowing dolls when they first came out. There was't much money then nearing the end of WWII. I did have a cousin who wanted a Barbie car for her doll. I remember finding and giving her a pink one for Christmas one year. Enjoyed the unusual ones in the link. Thanks, Mandy.


Lots of great memories of playing with Barbie dolls! Her first Dream House was so wonderful. Thanks for another fun day with terrific illustrations Mandy!


I had Barbie's, my daughter did and my grand daughter does. My daughter still has all my originals. I'm from a family that does a lot of needlework and both Barbie, Midge and Ken have a ton of hand made clothes. Some fabulous crocheted dresses in sparkling tread with accessories to match. This is why she never gave them up. They aren't worth a lot of money unless you kept the original boxes which I didn't.
They are currently in boxes in my basement. I should did them out and see if she's ready to part with them yet. Thanks for another interesting 'Who Knew' Mandy.


Thanks Magda.... no fat bottoms here today!!!! :~)


I think that was the case in many households Hanne - the Barbie style of doll never seems to lose its appear. Nice to see you this morning... I've bookmarked some of your puzzles for later.... :~)


Thanks roadworn - I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle, and I hope you get a giggle from the links!! :~)


Now you do know Barb!! Another excuse for your to celebrate!! Thanks for letting me know :~)
If we'd all kept those things that became iconic, we'd be snowed under in "stuff"'!!!!

put all my daughters in the attic must get them out for the grandaughter :-))


Lovely Mandy, thanks


When our daughter was small she had lots of dolls of different kinds, but when the first Barbie entered the house all of the others were put to sleep, and the Barbie dolls were those that were played with!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Whew! What an interesting grouping you have put together! Thanks for the link and the puzzle.


Gosh, Mandy, who knew there was a day named just for me? LOL
I got my first Barbie doll when they came on the market. Wish I had kept it, probably been valuable now except for the wear and tear.
Thanks for another interesting Who Knew puzzle! :-)