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Pink Variety Collage: Small

36 pieces
192 solves
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I created the images in this collage.


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You are welcome. Thank you for your comment :)


Lovely variety of pink images, thanks Gail :~)


Thank you, Kirsten. I appreciate your comments. I'm glad you like this variety kaleido collage.


I love this one Gail! I like the colour theme, but the variety in the kaleidos. I think it makes a fun and interesting change from the regular collages. I also think that you should make whatever makes your creative heart happy. :)))

And I hope all goes well with Ouahib's appointments. :)))


Edie, I'm glad you like this collage. I wanted to include a variety.

Ardy, at least I got you in here with the pink. LOL. What style collage do you like best? We did come back to Rochester this afternoon.

Hi, Rosie, I try to somehow tie my collages together, sometimes by type of kaleidoscope, sometimes by color. Ouahib's appointment is at 8:30 in the morning, which would mean we would need to leave Coon Rapids before 6:30 in the morning. To do that we would have to get up by 4:30 a.m. I'm tired just thinking about that! Good luck with your appointments tomorrow. I hope you get more computer time. It was nice to have that extra time with the laptops while you could.


Gail, this is really beautiful, a one color theme. I love the bottom right and the bottom middle. But they are all truly beautiful. Did you go back to Rochester tonight or are you going in the morning? I hope we get to talk tomorrow. Two doctors appt. tomorrow for me--my Neurologist and my Internal Medicine Doc. I'm hoping my Neurologist lets me off this one hour twice a day on the internet. It's not enough time and I had to give the laptops back today so I'm back to one computer with my sons device. I don't like this. Rosie


Hi Gail, if this weren't pink I'd pass on it. Your other collages I like a lot better. But I really like three of the corners - top let and right and bottom right. Thanks for the lovely color choice. Are you back in Rochester?


Great variety here Gail, and I love the single colour themes. Lots of fun to solve. Thanks