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Boston Ivy

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I took a piece of a friend's ivy and after a few years it's beginning to spread. It gives the gray winter landscape a little splash of green.


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It took its a while to begin to spread, but it's finally starting to grow. I would like it to be like yours on my fence, where you can't see through it. That would be great!


Lovely photo Laura. I have the same in my garden. It grows like weed. I have a fence, such as on your photo, and there it grows. It's higher as that I'm tall. You can't look trough it. It is beautiful to grow clematis into it.


No, I can't say that I have, Jack. I am not much of a movie goer.


poison ivy, did you see the movie?


Thanks for your comments...Jack, Suzy, gnt, dondi and morris! I have always wanted a little ivy growing in my yard and now it's spreading nicely.


Another nice one, laura!!


Yah, it's green all winter. Here in its home town, we have it along our fence, but as in this picture, it spurns the fence and climbs the trees instead. We have to keep cutting it off them. Rumor has it this is what the Ivy League is named after...


very strong vine and theiving well ...nice pic laurajane


An amazing plant. Ours is still green climbing about the maple in front.


love the set Laura, thanks for posting it!