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Round Rings

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214 solves
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Dagmar, it's lovely of you to take time to tell me this... I understand totally the problem of getting round to everyone regularly, and even more so the difficulty with solving all the wonderful puzzles being created, so there is not need to apologise!! You know where to find a hit of colour if you ever need one, and it's great that you are able to read the day puzzles... and that today's was perfect for you!! I hope you have a restful night :~)


This was really some colourful fun to end my night in Jigidi. Thanks a lot for putting them all together. I'm sorry that I can make it round to your place so very few times. I really love all the puzzles full of colour you are creating, especially your special day puzzles. I try at least to read them everyday. Fairytale day is the perfect day for me. I haven't stopped reading since I read my first book at the age five and I still adore fairytales. :))


Thanks Jan - I can tell I'm going to go to sleep now with that song rolling through my head!!! LOL!!


FUN! Rollin' Rollin' Rollin!'
Thanks so much, Mandy!


I'm happy you enjoyed it chilisand, thanks for letting me know :~)


Fun, thanks!


Thanks Wendy :~)


Mandy, this is TERRIFIC. :-)