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Heritage day (24 September), also known as National Braai Day as the result of a pointed 2005 media campaign, was not originally intended to be an official South African public holiday. But when the Inkatha Freedom Party, a political party with a large Zulu membership, refused to sign the Public Holiday's Bill that was being presented to the Parliament of South Africa because it omitted the inclusion of Shaka Day, a day that commemorated the famous Zulu King Shaka, a concession was made.

Quite aptly, just as King Shaka was instrumental in uniting Zulu clans into a cohesive nation, Heritage Day (appointed in place of King Shaka Day) encourages South Africans to come together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and the diversity of their rainbow nation.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela concisely explained it when he said the following in a Heritage Day speech: "When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation".

In the vein of celebrating shared culture rather than focusing on cultural divisions, a recent initiative by the Braai4Heritage calls upon all South Africans to celebrate their common roots by having a braai (barbeque) on Heritage day. The idea has had some high profile converts, the most notable being that of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who in 2007 was made the National Spokesperson for "Braai Day."

In 2008. Tutu was quoted as saying: "We're going to have this wonderful thing on the 24th of this month ... when we all gather round one fire .... It's a fantastic thing, a very simple idea. Irrespective of your politics, of your culture, of your race, of your whatever, hierdie ding doen ons saam [this thing we do together] ... just South Africans doing one thing together, and recognizing that we are a fantastic nation."

If a braai is not your thing why not invite friends and family for a Heritage lunch. Celebrate South African heritage by asking everyone to bring a dish. It must be either a family recipe or a traditional dish representing their particular culture.

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 240


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Thanks Pat and LauraJane - yes, let's!!


Ooooo...let's do a braai!


Great day and great puzzle....


Oopsie - I notice some of the letters from my earlier comment were missed out... I typed "I hope not Josie", and my android seems to have made up a new name - I've no idea how it occurred!!

I'm happy you enjoyed the information Hanne, thanks :~)

Thanks Barb, I bet they did have a wonderful day of celebration... I must ask my daughter, who is currently in London, although her husband's family is still in SA!

Thanks Mimi - I'm a cat lover too... and very much hope there will be plenty of them in heaven :~))
of course the greatest being the Lion of Judah :~)))


Wonderful bright puzzle! All the sections are great, but I've gotta lean toward the lion one too. I love all cats, big and small and fully intend to have my section of heaven filled with them all. Ardy, you can come play with us anytime! :))))


I'm always impressed by the information and the appropriate images you choose for these puzzles, Mandy. A wonderful day to celebrate in South Africa. :-)


It's very great information, Mandy, thanks so very much!!


Thanks Ardy, that sounds very Narnia!!

I hope nosie, the story was that a lorry crashed and the locals quickly stole all the livestock, no mention of a grill, the pic shows cultural diversity, not a braai!!


Oh, no, it looks like my baby is headed for the grill. Oh, oh, oh. (~:


Mandy, such interesting information and wonderful images to celebrate South African Heritage Day. Thank you. Love the lion picture. In heaven I want to play and hug a real one.