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Floating ashore :)) II

108 pieces
126 solves
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Hi Whatnauts, this was one of these puzzles when playing with colours and textures I had come up with the background first, which nice in itself as an image but very boring and difficult as a puzzle, but colourful kaleidos came in handy to solve this problem and here you are with the floating kaleidos. :)).
Thanks for your visit and I hope your keeping nice and warm. Have a look at the northern lights for me. :))


Good morning Jan - at least here it's morning and I suppose when you read this in a few hours there it will be morning as well and much earlier than it is here now. I overslept today and I'm running to get everything done LOL.
It is always heartening to read your comments, now I can go on running with a big smile on my face. I must admit that I liked this one as well when I had it finished but I suppose I should have tried to add some water effects. I'll try on another one. It's a pity that there is so little time to make puzzles, there are hundreds of things I want to try out and I never get round to it. Anyway if I don't run now there will be no Jigidi at all today, so thanks a lot for your visit and hopefully I might get a bit of fun in the afternoon. :)))))


Then me and you are the same. I have no idea when I'll get near a beach again, neither winter nor summer. :))) Let's see what the future will bring and thanks for dropping by. :))


Vielen Dank Hanne, es is immer nett deine Worte zu lesen. :)))


JiggyBelle pretty much said it all. I particularly like the background. Thanks much.


This is so very lovely. Dagmar - I love the elements in this puzzle! The kaleidos are beautiful and look like wonderful sand dolllars! The swirly sand is beautifully "watercolored" as well. Great one!! Thanks so much!!
The thumbnail doesn't come close to the richness of this puzzle.

That's probably as close to the beach as I'll get this winter...thanks for a fun puzzle.


It's so VERY poetic, Dagmar!! Thanks so very much!!