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Tapestry Cushion - William Morris Honeysuckle

35 pieces
90 solves
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Really enjoyed stitching this one as their wasn't such big expanses of background.


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Thanks Robbiel, you are welcome.


This is a beauty nicco, thanks.


You're welcome Laurajane.


Lovely, Nicky! Thanks for sharing with us.


Thanks Sandy and Mary.


This is really pretty Niccolino,and thank you for sharing it with us.


Very pretty Nicky. I like the colors in this.


Thanks, Laura, I like this one too. Yes, I prefer it when it's more intricate because I don't have to weave the threads behind such a long way to get to the next bit of the colour I'm using. Also, I'm not sure if you've seen the oval one I did of clematis flowers - the whole background is black which was so tedious and boring to do - just going up and down or side to side, and black is horrid to work with in artificial light - I tend to stitch during the winter months, not sure why but others seem to do the same. I keep promising myself one of those daylight lamps so will have to save up for one as I think it would help a lot. I have a clip-on magnifier with led light, but it's not that good because the centre oval of the magnifier is different so I don't get a good view of the stitches under it, although the light on it helps a little. Hope that all makes sense!


I really love this one, niccolino! It's gorgeous. So, this one was actually easier to do? It looks so much more intricate.