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Just Passing a Big Truck / Playing with the new toy

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This was on the Interstate. I wasn't driving..


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LJ you just have to know what you are doing. Thanks for stopping by


Glad to kow you weren't driving, Pat! But I am like you...I've taken photos while driving, but in a safe place.


Thanks Celeste glad you liked it...Before the hubby retired he drove for sav-a-lot foods and he had picked up loads from red gold many times


Cool shot Pkin :)


Patti to be honest with you I do take pictures while driving but I know when and were to do it.. Nice to see you hope you are doing fine....
Katie we were on 270 going Westerville last Tuesday. That is where he got his pain shots. I was about 9:30 in the morning... that morning I took pictures alot of pictures...
Texasstar when you are out there in the truck you are your own boss.. My hubby always said it was freedom... It is in my families blood. My hubby 2 sons and a daughter
Fran he was for a change....


Your husband was right. Nice colours and pattern. Thanks Pat. (1:15)


Pat, I had 4 older brothers, and they all were truckers with good educations. We worried our heads off about them being on the road all the time, but none would even consider any other way of life! Must be fun. Thanks for the memories.


This does make a good picture. And when you're in rush hour traffic it's nice to see interesting and colorful trucks - hubby was right! And you're doing really well with your new toy. You also captured the long line of cars and trucks up ahead on the bend.


I think I have some of those tomatoes in my pantry! Thanks for the puzzle, Pat! Glad you were not driving!


Ank and Ardy I was a passenger and the hubby told me that truck would make a good puzzle with all the pretty colors


Thanks, Pat, for the reassurance that you were not overworking your guardian angel. Have a good, safe day.


Nice photo. But I hope you was not driving.