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Uppy-Downy-Fuzzy Swirly--Textured A Bit

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Yes, my secret is out! LOL! I was actually a stowaway on the first moon landing, because they didn't want a woman to claim any of the glory.... :-)))


It does look smeared but being from the 1960's the equipment wasn't as good as it is now and the next puzzle probably shows what newer equipment does. So glad to learn you are a part of NASA and that is where your terrific Jigidi skills came from.


Well, I did have fun smearing the colors, but I had to come up with a proper explanation for it, of course! LOL!

Thanks so much, whatnauts, jb, Ardy, Katie, and PJ! This was a LunaPic technique I hadn't used before, a blurred motion animation that I chose a still from, then sharpened and softened the lighting on. I thought it gave it a grainy, gritty texture--I'm glad you liked it! :-)))


A week of cruising was nice, but I sure did miss my Jigidi! Love these in the small versions (though they're not really small to me but I get scared by those huge ones)! 4:17 Thanks, Pat!


Pat - so fun, 'early image of our solar system' - and I thought you just had fun smearing the colors around - oh, well, glad you could correct me :-)))


Love how the rings blend into each other in this! Thanks Pat!


Pat, I love what texturing does to the colors. Something about it is really pleasing to my eye.


Good set thanks jb:-)


And what a gorgeous image it is. I can only imagine how much clearer it would be with newer technology.


Yes, it was taken of our solar system by one of our early space-probing satellites, during the late 1960's, obviously.....


Is this a NASA image?......I think the public should know......