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Our Newest Foster Horse 1

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This is Sweetie and she is....she was seized by Animal Cruelty Investigators in San Antonio along with a stallion in the same shape. We've had her for 3 weeks now. She was more than 500 lbs. underweight, had rain rot, sores on her back and legs....but she's looking better. Good groceries on a regular schedule, and good bath with medicated shampoo, and antibiotic cream is beginning to make a difference.


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This popped up on my "follow" list because of the new comment. Don't know is you still have her or if she has been adopted, but would love to see a follow-up picture and comment. By now I bet she's looking pretty good.


How very sad to see one of the most beautiful animals on earth in this poor condition ... I hope she recovered fully in the meantime under your tender, loving care ! Kudos to you !


Wow, what sterling work you do to get these back in good shape. The neglect is criminal, but your love, care, skill and time given are amazing.


Thank you for the work you do in saving negleted and mistreated animals.


I want to add my thanks for what you do, ggl. Sweetie is lucky to have found you. And I I hope the full force of the law is brought down upon the people who neglected her.

Blessings to you ggl--thank you for taking care of her! (I live near SA--did I miss this on the news?) Stars in your crown!


But when you love what you do, nothing would be impossible...tfs.


God bless you Grannyg - and Judymack - how very, very sad. I have to believe there is something after this life just so that the sub-humans who do this suffer torment and pain.


The other thing, making the most difference, is your attitude. She knows the difference, and that makes for faster and better healing, both physical and mental. Good for you!


I don't understand why people cannot grasp the concept that if you have an animal you have made certain commitments concerning that animal. I see this, and other incidences of neglect and abuse, and it infuriates me, though for the animals I have the utmost sympathy. So glad you have the facilities for helping horses -- fostering large animals is impossible when you live in the city. Kittens are one thing -- horses are another. :-)


I rescued a horse I named Beau from an auction house. He was a blood bay thorobred that stood 16 1/2 hands and was 600 pounds underweight. The vet told me he would not live through the winter but I kept him warm and every 2 hours I went out and gave him sweet feed, only a little at a time so he would not colic and he had grass and hay and water. He thrived I am happy to say and lived a good long life! He was a pet to me and followed me everywhere if I was outdoors and I still miss him. This happened in the 80's.

I will never understand why people do this. It is despicable behavior and they should go to jail for it! Barring that I hope they rot in hell. And God bless you for what you do!


that is so sad that people do this to animals, I am glad that you can do this kind of care, my hat is off to you. keep up the good . she looks good she will make it ..

I am sure Sweetie appreciates what you are doing for her. Thanks


Poor thing. I can only imagine what she must have looked like 3 wks ago. God bless you for taking him in Grannygoatlady.